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Miriam Nelson's Play Piano Play
This especially tasty 2-chorus routine, by legendary Hollywood choreographer Miriam Nelson, is perfect for intermediate through advanced dancers. Includes many Bonus Features! Archival Footage, new interview with Miriam, photo montage, and more.Rusty Frank and Miriam Nelson's Play Piano Play, a two-chorus routine by Hollywood choreographer Miriam Nelson, perfect for intermediate to advanced tap dancers. Archival footage, new interview with Miriam and more.

Miriam Nelson began as a performer and went on to be one of the most sought after choreographers in Hollywood. She staged two Academy Awards shows, White House shows, and the opening of Disneyland. From 1939-1941, Miriam appeared in six Broadway shows, and in films co-created many of Gene Nelson's solo routines and coached Doris Day and his other female costars. T.V. credits include: "The Red Skelton Show," "Shower of Stars," "The Bob Hope Show," "The Hollywood Palace," and "The Lucy Show." Miriam staged acts for Carol Channing, Ann Miller, Donald O'Connor and Jane Russell.

Miriam Nelson's "Play Piano Play" DVD
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