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All of the Dance and Shine merchandise was created by us. The first tshirt with the poem was created in the aftermath of 911. It felt like an emotional response to the horror we were all experiencing and not understanding.

Dance and Shine License Plate Frame
This two-chorus tap dance was created by Eddie Brown in the 1980s at the urging of his devoted student following. Eddie Brown called his style "Scientific Rhythm," and once you get started with this dance, you'll understand why. This dance is pure perfection, but no easy matter. Therefore, tap master Sam Weber was hand-picked to teach and break down this dance, and he does so with great clarity and insight.
Dance And Shine License Plate Frame from TC Swingin' Hepcats! Just $1DANCE SHINE LICENSE FRAME
Price: $0 w/ $55 purchase
Price: $1.75


Dance and Shine T-shirts
Dance and Shine Sun! Just have fun!Dance as if no one were watching, Sing as if no one were listening, Love as if you've never been hurt, Live every day as if it were your last.DANCE SHINE T-SHIRT
Price: $0 w/ $55 purchase
Price: $4.95


"Dance, Sing, Love, Live" Sticker
Dance and Shine Oval Sticker, Dance as if no one were watching....
Dance, Sing, Love, Live sticker. Free with order. Extras $1.75 each.
Dance, Sing, Love, Live Sticker
Price: $0
Dance, Sing, Love, Live Sticker
Price: $1.75


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